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Helping the Golfer

Over the years, I would like to say that I’ve been able to help a few golfers return to play to their sport after either some sort of minor injury to acute muscle spasms in the lower back. Others have been to us to understand how they can improve their game, after having problems with their swing mechanics or restrictions in movement in their shoulders hips or backs. This has lead us to researching and studying various movement skills to help the golfer improve their game.

The Golf swing my look easy but maintaining posture through the swing, co-ordinating the movements and striking the ball efficiently will take many hours of practice. Any deficiency in your mobility or stability will affect your golf swing that and needs to be addressed, this should be developed alongside your Golf lessons and practice.

Your physical qualities could be preventing you from improving, therefore, following a programme to develop your physical attributes including: - strength, coordination, mobility and balance may be another step in perfecting your swing mechanics. We also know that the brain has a part to play in improving movement and needs to be considered within the training regime to help transfer the movement skills into the game of golf.

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