We are now using Physique for our equipment suppliers. 

We are able to provide a discount to our customers. Click on the "Physique" sign above to take you to their website with discount applied (make sure you see our logo on the page and that items placed in your  basket show a discount if applicable. Use the code Movebetter at the checkout to get 10% off non-promotional items when you buy online on their regular website.

The website will open in a separate tab, so you can just flick back between tabs to see the equipment list. 

This is a list of equipment that we regularly use in our sessions to be able to do more variations of exercises. (Please note at the moment these items are not linked. Please search for the items on the Physique website)

Jump Stretch Band - Red 11.3Kg

Physique Mini Bands - Yellow and Green

Physique Fitness Band - Red 2 metre


Physique Soft Pilates Ball

Yoga head Block

Other items to consider. We will be putting some exercise routines together for these pieces of equipment on our website 
Pilates Ring or Align Pilates Pro Ring
Studio Pro Swiss Ball  55cm or 65cm (will require a pump)
Dumbbells - the smallest weight on the website is 1.5Kg which may be too heavy to start with for some (please contact us about this)
Foam Roller - full round 15x30cm
Spikey ball (or you can just use a Tennis ball)
Jump Stretch Band - Black 15.87kg
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