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What We Do
Mobility & Movement Restoration Classes – Individual Training – Movement Restoration for Runners – Rehabilitation 

Our aim is to help you get results. 

Over the years we have been lucky to work with clients from different fields and abilities. We have gained a great deal of experience along with the many courses, we have attended to help us in delivering the programmes we use today.


With research and developments in the health and fitness industry there is always something new to learn.

When it comes down to trying a few exercises, it is never too late to start, maybe someone you know has suggested training with us, for many reasons, feeling stiff, having a few aches and pains, maintaining mobility, or perhaps you aim to do a 5k run but have a knee problem. 

Whether you are looking for mobility, strength, exercising for your health, Better Performance, why not come and see what our programs are able to offer you. Our classes are kept small and friendly so we can deliver our programs better to you. 

What to expect?

Initially for us, it is to find out a little more about you, how you move and how you perform some of our exercises. Time helps both of us – for you to improve your ability to do the exercises, and for us to be able to coach you better as your ability changes over time. 

Our personalised programmes may be better for you if you have a particular problem, or if you are looking to recover from a specific running injury or back issue that you need help with. 

We have both online and attended local classes . Please check our classes page for more information. Whether online or in person we still coach you through the exercises. 


Online Resistance Classes

These have been a progression from our online mobility and movement restoration classes for those that want to add a little more resistance into their training. Using  body weight exercises and dumbbells typically clients would be using between 1kg to 5kg weights. 

We use exercises to train strength, mobility and movement re-education. This class is 45 minutes duration. 
Workshops - Learn with us

We can deliver workshops For Runners where we provide information on how to train at home for strength, mobility and stability. How to assess your compensations in movement which can help with fitness and performance.  Also looking at general guidance on rehab and gait issues seen in running. Remember if you have a particular problem you may need a private consultation. 

We are also able to offer breathing coaching programs for groups or businesses for stress, anxiety and asthma. 


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