Pilates & Movement Restoration

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From your first move

We are here to help you to move better to restore function to enable you to continue with your daily activities.  
We use different exercises to assess, change and influence your movement. Working to your own ability and with our encouragement to guide you through the exercises. Some exercises may come easy for you while other exercises may need to be worked at to improve. 

Concepts in improving how you move and how you keep up (Sustain) your individual daily life requirements have changed over time and now encompass the physical - intensity of effort, psychosocial and cognitive demands which are individual to you. 
Your ability or level of current condition may determine the level you may be able to do the exercises. We encourage you to progress at your own speed and from developing the foundational movements. These foundational movements will then allow you to increase your skills which we blend in as you improve. 

Some History

Pilates is an exercise system originally devised by Joseph Pilates and used by many dancers and professional athletes for improving performance. Joseph Pilates Born in Germany but lived in England in 1912 where he taught self-defence and boxing, he was interned during the first world war and ended up working in a hospital in the Isle of Man where he helped patients who could not walk, and it was here that he devised equipment which formed the basis of some of his now used equipment for rehabilitation. After the war Joseph Pilates eventually moved to the USA and it was here that he developed his Pilates method with his wife Clara. Over the years it has been taught to fitness instructors all over the world and has become a well-known system of exercise, used in rehab and for performance.

Pilates has evolved over the years and now integrates with our modern approach to exercise and biomechanical thinking.  

As we have also progressed in our knowledge of the body and how the systems of the body integrate, and how movement patterns evolve from these systems we are able to incorporate other exercises into our classes to benefit the client. We incorporate exercises for balance and vision that can also have an influence on the way we move or compensate movement.


Movement Restoration

Our learning has been varied and through time we have been lucky to attend many different methods of rehab and training to influence how we teach our classes today. These include but not exhaustive advanced Pilates courses, courses with the Postural Restoration Institute, strength & conditioning courses, many courses with physiotherapists concentrating on rehab from different joints of the body, neurology courses, breathing courses and lectures, gait analysis, which is where we have accumulated our knowledge to deliver our Pilates and Movement Restoration for health and wellbeing.

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