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Mobility & Movement Restoration Classes

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If you are not sure if this is for you? Contact Us, have a look around our website and if you need more information, some questions you want to ask? Let Us know.

From your first move

We are here to help you to move better to restore functional movement to enable you to continue with your daily and leisure,  activities or sports and hobbies.
We use different exercises to assess, change and influence your movement. Working to your own ability and with our encouragement to guide you through the exercises. Some exercises may come easy for you while other exercises may need to be worked at to improve. 



Your current ability will determine the level you may be able to do some of the exercises. We encourage you to progress at your own speed and confidence in the exercises and movements once you have grasped the foundational movements. 


The exercises we use in our classes are varied helping to improve balance, mobility, strength, co-ordination and movement


We have clients of different ages the majority ranging mainly from late 30's to 80's attending our classes some have not exercised before to others that do sports or run as well. 

Mobility & Movement Restoration

Our learning over the years has been varied, we have attended many different courses and studied different systems of movement and rehab methods to influence how we teach our classes today. These include but not exhaustive advanced Pilates courses, courses with the Postural Restoration Institute, strength & conditioning courses, many courses with physiotherapists concentrating on rehab for different joints of the body, neurology courses, breathing courses and lectures, gait analysis, foot courses and movement and running courses for rehab and performance, sports chiro and rehab courses which is where we have accumulated our knowledge to deliver our classes. 

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