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Online Resistance Class

Wednesday 6.15-7pm

Friday Morning 10 - 10.45am

(two classes the same workout at each)

Whats Involved?

Our classes mainly use Dumbbells in the region of 1kg-5kg depending on ability and the exercise we are doing. We also use resistance bands, clients use different colours again depending on ability. 

We complete a warm up and then usually do 2 circuits of eight exercises but this may change over time. we change the routine weekly including traditional exercises as well as specific exercises to improve movement and muscles. 

We give a couple of different options on the exercises where needed as we have different age groups and abilities in the class. Clients work at their own pace through the exercises.


Cool down  

We use various mobility and breathing exercises after the workout to cool down


Our resistance class can cause some elevation of the heart rate depending on how you complete the exercises.

If you have some movement issues and have not taken our classes before then you may like to take part in our mobility and movement classes where we use exercises for balance and movement restoration to improve how you move.

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