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Urban Poles

Why urban poles?

Well, who would think that we would be looking at walking poles for rehab? These poles are great as they open another opportunity to help promote function through movement. Have a knee or hip injury and want to offset some weight while walking. Or just use them for cross training as a great way of working out the body with less impact on your joints than running.

Urban Poles

Burn more calories than walking and work the upper body out at the same time, you can change the intensity of your workout by the amount of pressure on the poles and the speed of your walk. Focusing on the pole motion when walking is a great way to help with stressful days. 

These poles are a little different in their action on the body to what you would normally find on other poles. The difference is in the hand grip. Urban Poles the hand grip is constructed with a large lip as shown below, which allows for the wrist to be supported for less strain. By having some pressure on the grip gives more stability in walking and involves muscles of the core and upper body. 


The Activator poles may be beneficial for people with conditions like MS or Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, hip, or knee replacements. Used for balance when walking for reduction in falls, increased co-ordination benefit, helps keep speed in walking and works most muscles in the body. Please be advised that if you do have a medical condition you should seek supervision from a qualified provider before using the activator poles to make sure they would be right for you to use.

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