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Move Better Fitness Academy  - Join Us for Our Mobility & Movement Restoration Classes Online or our Attended Classes in Heath & Reach. We have now added an online resistance training class which is a progression from our other classes. 
Or head over to our other website "Move Better Academy" for Rehab for Backs - Muscular Aches and Pains - Sports and Running related problems - Breathing issues for health to performance. 


Our Classes

Beginners welcome

Progress at your own level of competency

Feel that you are being helped at every step

Discover the importance of integrating foot to core 

Identify compensations in movement that may be affecting you

Discover strategies that will teach you how to move better

Transition from rehab back to regular activities

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Exercise from the comfort of your own home with our on-line classes. We guide you through the exercises - progress at your own speed.

Small and friendly classes for health & wellness

Woman in Gym

Two classes per week

The same work out at each session

Our blog

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videos of exercises we use

in our classes on YouTube

Exercise from the convenience and comfort of your own home, suitable whether you are new to Pilates or wishing to improve. 

An image of some people doing yoga exerc

What to Expect in Our Classes

A Discussion on what we do in our classes - beginners - exercise levels and awareness in training

Using a 0-10 scale to help perceive your exercise intensity, any aches and pains and technical difficulty

Exercise modifications in our classes to suit your ability

Updates from our blog

We would love to hear from you

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