Pilates for Runners

Pilates has been used for many years to compliment your sports training, helping many athletes from golfers, tennis players, runners and dancers to provide supplementary training to help improve performance, recover from injury and work on apparent weaknesses or stiffness within the musculoskeletal system.

Pilates can add value to your weekly running routine - some benefits reported by our athletes include improved strength, mobility, core strength,  co-ordination and better movement.

Many running injuries are seen at the hip and knee, Pilates has a great set of exercises for helping to work the muscles around the hip for both mobility and stabilisation. These areas often get neglected by the runner who just wants to run, research and injury shows that exercise plays an important role in restoring functional movement.

Consistency though is the name of the game, setting aside  time to do the exercises so they become part of your weekly schedule. The options here would be to join a class - maybe one or two per week, or to train at  at home.

Our running workshops, include a series of exercises for the runner to practice, where we guide you through both exercise technique and programing.

“Videos” to follow

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