Just Starting Out

Whether you have been a runner for many years or just starting out on your journey, hopefully you will find the information on our website useful.

There are many good running clubs, books and websites that will give you a running program for the distance you want to run whether it be a 5k, a marathon or further, or train with a club to help you improve and not feel alone. But if your running is not going to plan, or maybe, you have picked up a niggle or can’t seem to pick up speed, if you’re a newbie, or maybe you are finding it difficult to improve? What do you do?

You may have ideas, questions and theories going on in your head at this moment in time, as to what I should do next? Do I need new shoes? Have I done too much running? I only get a knee pain at 10k? Should I change to a forefoot running shoe?

We hope to have some suggestions to these types of questions and others and provide you with further information to help you with your running. It is important though, if you have an injury, to get it checked out! Our website is not designed as a substitute to replace medical advice or treatment for your injury and not all the information in a blog post may be relevant to your condition.

If in doubt GET IT CHECKED OUT!!

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