How To Train

One of the reasons why we started to look at how clients and athletes moved, was that when anyone come in with some sort of injury, you had to try and figure out what had caused it. You could see that some muscles were tight, restricting movement and preventing normal use, but many times the muscles were not strained or injured at all. So, you had to be a bit of a detective to figure out what was going on.

The gym would be a good place to start, watching how people did their deadlift, squat or clean, gave us a few answers to problems. Clients thought that they knew how to lift or how-to breath, but this wasn’t always the case, many clients had not had instruction in the techniques they were using. Therefore, we started to further our knowledge on movement skills and training to provide help to clients to improve their movement for sport – including speed, agility, landing mechanics and better training

So here are a few blogs posts that we have put together to help you understand movement skills and training.

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