Better Movement

There are many ways to train to improve movement, the reasons could be for sports performance – improving efficiency in long distance running or improving your golf swing to hit the ball further. Recovering from an injury where modifying the way you walk or the way you get up from the floor to reduce pain in movement. Some changes in movement are therefore going to made for bio-mechanical efficiency, and others to reduce pain, which may not look as pretty but may allow you to move more effectively.

One of the methods we use to look at assessing movement, is the Dynamic Movement Skills System which was developed by Mike Antonaides of “The Running School”. The system uses a series of moves on a mat to observe and to train movement - balance, co-ordination, quickness, left and right differences in movement, agility and gross motor skills. The system can give us another indication on how you move.

Often static assessments are used to assess joint motion, this can be important but doesn’t allow us to see what happens when everything is linked together and moves as a unit. Does your left leg move the same as your right, can you shift backwards, to the left or to the right? Yes, there may be a dominance to one side, but we can begin to form a picture and maybe the difference is something we need to train.

The DMS system can help us assess in different situations from rehab, building better movement in children, the elderly and performance for athletes.

Here is a short video clip introducing the system

How well do you move?

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